Global Super Store United States Summary

Profit summed by state:

The Profit in California is one of the highest in all the states for the Global SuperStore. This could be due to the many cities and offices located there in need of furniture and office supplies.

Profit summed in California:

The summed profit in the state of California is 76,381. California is the major leader in profit. This may also be due to the large population of middle and upper class households with good amounts of discretionary income.

Profit summed by product category in California:

The main profit generator for California is office supples. There is room for improvement in the furniture category. The Global Super Store should focus on advertizing their furniture products to close the gap between furniture and the other categories.

Quantity for Office Supplies forcasted through November 2015:

Through the forcast we can estimate 253 sales through November 2015. The prediction shows a seasonal pattern. The is always and increase in sales towards the end of the year.

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